Similarities Between Mexico And Usa

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A comparison between Mexico and the USA For two neighbouring countries, Mexico and the USA are very different. The US is a MEDC, with a GNP of $26,980. Mexico, on the other hand, is an LEDC, and only has a GNP of $3,320. The natural increase of the Mexican population means that the population doubling size will occur in just 32 years, whereas in the USA it will take well over a century. Mexico’s infant mortality is almost 5 times that of the USA’s, and the birth rate is almost double. Mexico is becoming overpopulated, as problems with providing everyone with food begin to get out of hand. In short, the USA appears a much easier, healthier place to live and bring up a family. Why Mexicans leave Mexico- the push factors The population is…show more content…
Many of the American public resent the Mexican immigrants, as they fear they will work their way up and eventually take better jobs, as they saw Asian immigrants do. Illegal immigrants are a particular problem, as they have no right to be in the country, but for this reason accept the lowest pay and an illegal immigrant can often find employment. Many Americans hold negative prejudices towards Mexican immigrants, based on their ethnicity, race, culture, poverty, and use of the Spanish language. Second generation Mexicans, who have been schooled in America, are already beginning to take better jobs than their immigrant parents. The US border patrol is in charge of keeping the illegal immigrants out. When they catch an illegal immigrant they are deported back to Mexico, where the majority just turn round to try again. There are an estimated 2 million attempts a year, with about 300,000 illegal immigrants getting past. Only 5,500 border patrol agents patrol the 3,326 kilometre long border. There is a long history of American vigilantes going out to hunt down these immigrants, and doing their own border patrols. Citizens in Texas would take matters into their own hands, going out to apprehend or even shoot ‘wetbacks’ so called as they would have swam the red river in their effort to get to America. Since 2005, Vigilante’s have volunteered for a state run organisation called the…show more content…
It helps Mexico keep its birth rate down, and lets the Mexico economy grow. The disadvantages to Mexico of this migration The disadvantages to Mexico of the international migration to the USA is that Mexico loses many of its more gifted members of the population, as mentioned before, those who migrate are often those who have some kind of skill that they think may make them employable in America. Most of the migrants are literate. Mexico is left with the least adaptable, and the poorest, to work in the countryside. Attempts to control the flow of migrants by building maquiladora Many factories are built just inside Mexico, by American firms. These are maquiladora developments. The Mexican workers accept much lower pay and longer hours than American workers would, The production costs are lower because Mexico has much laxer environmental controls than the USA, so dumping waste is much cheaper. The factories are located very close to the American border, so transporting goods into America is very easy. These developments, however, have encouraged many Mexicans to leave the countryside to work in industry. These Mexicans may be more likely to make the short journey across into America in the search for a better standard of living. This is a prime example of step

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