Bajo La Misma Luna

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“Bajo La Misma Luna” (2007) In the film “Bajo La Misma Luna” the story of the nine year old Carlitos and His mother Rosario portray the reality of Mexican families that cross over the border. The film touches very touching and meaningful issues that these families have gone through upon the arrival to the US. Rosario leaves her boy behind in Mexico with his grandmother to go to California in hopes of providing a better life for him. Rosario works illegally in the US and sends money weekly so that her son doesn’t need anything. However, all Carlitos wants is his mother. Many families have moved the United States illegally so that they can provide a better life for their children. Since Mexico is a poor country, there isn’t much to prosper from there. In the United States many families are able to get jobs so that they can send money back to their home country. Although they are not well paying jobs and majority of the time they are labor jobs, it is well enough better than the life they have in Mexico. Like many families, as well as mine, go through the challenge of making ends meet to have food on the plates and pay the bills. Rosario works as a housekeeper, not being able to have a more decent job because of her legal status. This is the reality of the people who work illegally. The unexpected death of Carlitos’ grandmother drives him to embark on his own journey as a desperate attempt to reunite with his mother. When my parents first arrived to the United States they left my four siblings behind with my grandmother. Successfully my parents were later able to bring my siblings into the US too. Carlitos did not have his mother bring him, which caused a great challenge for him since he was only nine years old. When Rosario finds out that he left Mexico in search for her, she also desperately tries to find him. Although that is usually not the story of many families

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