The American Dream: Nation Of Immigrants

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Ena Figueroa Social Psychology Mr. Smith 10 March 2012 The American Dream America is often referred to as a "nation of immigrants" because of our open-door policy toward accepting foreigners hunting their vision of the American Dream. Recently, there has been an appeal by some politicians and citizens toward creating a closed-door policy on immigration. They are arguing that immigrants "threaten" American life by creating unemployment by taking jobs from American workers, using much-needed social services, and intruding on the "American way of life." If we are to continue to excel as a nation, the traditionalists who fear an invasion of foreign-born Americans need to evaluate the good and the bad of immigration to the United States.…show more content…
Having a loved one be deported has such a strong impacted on the family’s lives. He was imprisoned for 6 months for having fake papers and being in the United States illegally. He was then sent to Mexico with nothing more than the clothes on his back. We are now forced to travel there a couple times a month to see him and so he can see his only grandchild. He came to the United States in hope to pursue his “American Dream” and start a new life for his family. He now has a 10-year bar on him, meaning he cannot return to his family in the United States until my son is 10 years old. He was treated like the worst of the worst, a criminal, only to make a better life for his family and not have to raise his children in a poverty stricken…show more content…
Most people immigrants who are undocumented don’t pay taxes because they are paid under the table. Edward P. Lazear, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, stated, “Immigrants not only help fuel the Nation’s economic growth, but also have an overall positive effect on the income of native-born workers”. Immigrants are a critical part of the workforce (1 in 7 workers) and contribute to productivity growth and technological advancement. Without the immigrants, we would have a decline in labor force of 3 to 4 percent, we could not have grown nearly as much as we did in the ‘90s and in the last few years our growth would have been slower. Edward Lazear also says that immigrants are more likely to be entrepreneurs than native-born U.S. citizens. One of every four engineering and technology companies started in the United States between 1995 and 2005 had immigrant founders. Over one third of Nobel Prizes in the U.S. were awarded to foreign-born scientists between 1990 and

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