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Immigration is considered a serious issue in the United States today. Opinions of U.S citizens on immigration are divided. Although there is a division in personal opinion, the Washington Post/ ABC poll mentioned above suggested that a majority of Americans do not think that sending illegal immigrants home or punishing them will solve the problem of illegal immigration, and a more comprehensive solution requiring further understanding of the situation is needed. The Census Bureau estimates the US population will grow from 281 million in 2000 to 397 million in 2050 with the expected rate of immigration, but only to 328 million with zero immigration. "If we have zero immigration with today's low birthrates the American population would eventually…show more content…
The United States does have a strong history of hostility towards specific immigrant groups such as the Nativists who opposed Irish immigration around 1850 and systematic bias against Japanese and German immigrants just before and after the second world war. Jews were also popular targets in the 20th centuary. These days most hostility is geared towards the Latin American immigrants as they are seen to be the largest group of immigrants entering the United States today. Some Americans have not completely adjusted to the largely non-European immigration and racism does occur. Hostility towards people of middle-eastern descent has also become apparent after the September 11th attacks conducted by an Islamic extremist group known as Al Qaeda. Many think America's borders, especially the southern border with Mexico, are a possible entry route for its enemies. However racist thinking among and between minority groups does occur, examples of this are conflicts between blacks and Koreans in the LA riots of 1992. Hostility is also apparent between African Americans and Latino immigrants, and the development of race orientated prison gangs is an example of…show more content…
Most sources which suggest that immigrants do not help the economy are anti immigration groups and conservative think tanks such as the Centre for Immigration Studies and The Heritage Foundation. The Public Policy Institute of California, which claimed that immigrants are ten times more likely to be put in prison, is also a non partisan group. After the recent economic recession and the threat of America’s economy being overtaken in the next 40 years, I think it is in the best interests of the American Government to encourage immigration and ultimately boost their economy, which should be done by allowing more people applying for us citizenship to be allowed a green card, and thus prevent the large amount who enter

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