Essay On The Benefits Of Mexican Immigration

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The Benefits of Citizenship for Illegal Mexican Immigrants to Work in the U.S There are many people from different countries that come into the United States of America for many different reasons; this is known to be called immigration. The United States is a country where people have the privilege to better their lives. Illegal Mexican Immigrants are just like everyone else “Americans”. They have needs, wants, dreams and goals that they want to pursue. In their country, it is difficult for them to succeed. These Illegal Mexican Immigrants take a risk by crossing the river, knowing that they could die. If Illegal Mexican Immigrants were to receive their citizenship to live in the Unites States, the country will benefit from their workload. In the year of 1986, Alejandrino was a Mexican immigrant that was living illegally in a labor camp. In 1986, congress planned to legalize millions of illegal Mexican immigrants that were working in the U.S. This bill passed and became law. There were almost 3 million illegal Mexican immigrants that were granted amnesty. In 1998, Alejandrino used his savings to buy a $15,000 tortilla-making machine to open his first restaurant that employs about 60 people.…show more content…
However, illegal Mexican immigrants take the jobs that most Americans do not want. They usually get the low paying jobs that are hard labor because they are in need of work in order to survive. When illegal Mexican immigrants take these jobs, it helps the load of producers and consumers that gains in the economic welfare. In most cases, illegal Mexican immigrants work in construction, meatpacking, agriculture, and other physically demanding jobs. According to “Benefits of Immigration “It is a fact that immigrants are a source of low cost labor, but these cost reductions are eventually passed on to the consumer, so host country citizens benefit from this as

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