Community Health and Population Focused Nursing

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Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing Task 1 Chandrakala Medrano-000201458 June 13, 2015 Western Governors University A. Los Angeles County which occupies an area of approximately 4 million square miles is the most populous county of the United States with a population of 10,053,995 people, according to the United States Census Bureau Estimates (2013). The population increase from the 2010 census to the 2013 estimate is 2%. A breakdown of the population according to age is as follows: 23.2% are under 18 years old, with 6.4% being under 5 years old, 61.8% between the age of 18 and 65 years old and 11.9% are over the age of 65. Females make up 50.7 % of the population in 2013. 48.3 % of the population is Latinos and Hispanics, 35.1 % of the population is born outside of the United States, and 56.8 % of the population over 5 years old speaks a language other than English at home. B.1. Population Economic Status Assessment Los Angeles County is a large community with unemployment rate of 9.9%, which is higher that the California rate of 8.9% (County Health Ranking 2015). With 48.3% of the population being Hispanic and Latinos, 35.1 % of the population being born outside of the United States, and 56.8% of the population over 5 year old speaking a language other than English at home, this plays an important factor in education in terms of academic education and also in the education of preventative healthcare practices. According to the County Health Ranking of 2015, only 79% of the population graduated from high school as compared to 83% for the California rate, and only 58.9% have some college education. This will impact the chances of acquiring employment in positions that offer salaries that provide a standard of living that is above the poverty level and also provide health insurance. Currently, 27% of children in Los Angeles County live in

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