Siloh Essay

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QUESTIONS TO TALK ABOUT COMPREHENSION AND RECALL 1. Why doesn't Marty ever shoot at anything moving? (He doesn't want to kill animals.) 2. Why does Marty want to be a vet? (He likes animals, wants to help them and their owners.) 3. Why doesn't Judd Travers like Marty? (Marty once caught Judd cheating Mr. Wallace.) 4. Why doesn't Marty get paid for the work he does at home? (The family doesn't have extra money; everyone is expected to help out.) HIGHER LEVEL THINKING SKILLS 5. Why does Marty leave the dinner table when they're having fried rabbit? (He says he doesn't want to bite on buckshot, but he is also responding to how it died.) 6. Why do people in Tyler County keep to their own business? (People live apart in the hills and in small towns. They like their privacy and independence, but they also depend on one another and don't want to cause trouble.) 7. Why is the mail delivery a big event for many people in Sisterville and Friendly? (People don't see one another often. It's a chance to communicate and connect with the rest of the world.) 8. Why does Marty tell Judd that his dog's name is Shiloh? (He's angry at the way Judd treats his dogs; he wants Judd to know that he is looking out for the beagle.) LITERARY ELEMENTS 9. Using dialect: Why does the author use words such as “lookin'” instead of “looking” when the characters speak? (His dialogue shows how people in West Virginia really speak.) PERSONAL RESPONSE 10. Do you think Marty should give up his desire to be a vet even though there's not enough money to educate him? Why or why not? 11. When Shiloh reappears at Marty's house, what do you think Marty should have done? QUESTIONS TO TALK ABOUT COMPREHENSION AND RECALL 1. Why is Marty's problem more than just lying to Judd? (He's deceiving his family as well; this makes him feel bad.) 2. How does Marty keep Dara Lynn away from Shiloh's hiding
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