Character Interpretation of Christopher Boone

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The novel the Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-time is written from Christopher Boones’ point of view. Christopher has Asperger’s syndrome, throughout the novel you soon see his logic, brilliance, and hypersensitivity explained and illustrated. However, if you take a step back and look at him and his actions from a different perspective, you can see that he is also insensitive, illogical and sometimes oblivious. This may seem like I am contradicting myself however Christopher’s actions demonstrate, his different traits. Christopher thinks he uses logic in every decision, however looking at some of his actions they are in fact irrational. An example of is illogical thinking is when he runs away from home. Christopher is convinced that his father will murder him and is now afraid to be in the same house. Christopher also makes decisions that are rational to him and explains them to his readers. For example, Christopher shows his reasoning for his favourite colours. Christopher uses these colours to make decisions affecting what he eats and if it’s going to be a good or bad day. There are other situations when Christopher uses his customized rational thought process to come to decisions, such as when he is to find out who killed Wellington. “I was imagining a chain of reasoning inside my head, which was like this: 1. Why would you kill a dog? a) Because you hated the dog…” (p.42) This quote demonstrates Christopher’s thought process. In my opinion, Christopher tends to think illogically when he feels frightened and more clearly when he is not. Throughout the novel you see Christopher as being quite insensitive to other people's emotions, nonetheless, if you look deeper into some of his actions, you will see his he is also hypersensitive to certain things. One of Christopher’s biggest demonstrations of sentiment is with when he finds Wellington “I
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