How Does Hosseini Convey the Horror of the Rape Scene in 'the Kite Runner'?

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How does Hosseini convey the horror of the rape scene witnessed by Amir? This scene is horrific on a number of levels. Amir’s cowardice conveys the horror of the rape scene because it highlights Hassan’s innocence. Hassan’s loyalty to Amir is touching. Hassan has taken the blame for Amir their hole chidhood whilst they shot nuts at the neighbors dog and here he takes the risk of being attacked by Assef in order to get to the fallen kite for Amir. His kindness only emphasises the horror of the scene because it contrasts completely with Amir's inability to step up and protect his friend. Amir only thinks of himself and his want to please his father whilst Hassan thinks only of Amir “for you a thousand times over.” Hosseini doesn't give a detailed description of this scene. Every time it has the potential to become graffic, Amir takes his mind off of the situation. Only about a page and a half reflects the duration and the word ‘rape’ is not used. All of these factors show that Amir still isn't able to face the reality of Hassan's rape and still isn’t admitting to himself that he stood by stupefied. We see Hassan's pain from Amir's perspective. He bites his fist and cries. This mirrors the idea that Amir is suffering the same but in a different way- psychologically rather than physically. The invisible scar that this event left on Amir is clarified when he tells us that from that day forth “Hassan stopped smiling”. We are given a description of the rape scene through the eyes of Amir as a child-he didn't have enough knowledge to fully understand the events of what was happening- which makes it all the more horrific. Assef raped Hassan because Hassan humiliated him. Assef must have been influenced, he must have some element of this in his life-that being from a member of his family or he might just be influenced by Hitler, a recurring motif in the novel, also a

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