Pozole Essay

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Jonathan Cadena Yummy Ever since I was little I remember my mom making my favorite dish, pozole. Growing up in a Hispanic culture, Mexican food has been the main entre for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You would think why a Mexican dish would be my favorite food since I eat that kind of food of day. Well in our family pozole is a dish that is only made on special days such as holidays or birthdays. So when ever my mom makes pozole I look forward to it since I don’t eat weekly. I remember the first time I tried pozole. I was about seven years old on Christmas eve. This was a special day for me because now I could eat the food that the adults ate instead of just the food the little kids ate like pizza and chips. I was anxious to eat this special meal because it was the first time I would try the pozole. The aroma coming out of the pot where the pozole was cooking was tingling through my nostrils as I breathed in, and also making my mouth extra watery. When I asked my mom what pozole was, all she said was that it was like menudo. My heart sunk when I heard this. Menudo was the food I hated most. Its texture and taste made me want to throw up. Now my anxiety to trying pozole turned into a disappointment and had me wanting to eat pizza again. My mom looked at me and asked what was wrong so I told her how now that I knew what pozole was I didn’t want to try it anymore sine it was like menudo. She then said “When it is ready I will give you some from my plate and if you like it I’ll serve you some for yourself. I told you it was like menudo, but I dint say that it tasted like it.” I was back to step one not knowing anything about the taste of pozole was driving me crazy. The smell was delicious but not everything that smells good tastes good. I kept wondering about how pozole tasted like. Was it spicy? Was it sweet? Was the texture going to
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