Catch 22 Reading Journal

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Catch-22 By: Joseph Heller Reading Journal By: ----- ----P.2 So far, Catch-22 has been a very witty novel. I don’t get why the opening line to the chapter is “It was love at first sight”. It says that Yossarian fell in love with the Chaplain the first time he saw him, but they are both guys number one, and number two, when later in the chapter they meet, nothing about him falling in love was mentioned. Also, after the first two opening sentences, the topic completely changes to Yossarian’s condition and the fact that he is in the hospital. Another question I had was, what is juandice? And why would they hold him for having a fever, but then release him just because he says he feels better but still has a fever of 101. And why do the officer patients censor the letters, what are they censoring? How is he not getting caught doing what he is doing. The book never really fully explains who Dunbar is. Is he just a friend who is also just trying to get out of combat and is a friend of Yassarian. Why does it say that he just has to keep falling on his face in order to recieve his meals in bed, I didnt really understaand that part. ??? And why, when Yassarian was censoring the letters would he do such things to them. Some of the things he was doing could make the reciever of the letter to freak out and could cause great turmoil between the two people involved with the letter. I would be so mad if someone had done that to a letter that I had written to my wife or to a letter my husband had written to me. Those people might be so nervous and scared and heartbroken and that wouldnt help one bit. And the receivers arent getting what the senders think they are getting which causes a lot of confusion and extra, unecessary turmoil. And what is a CID man. They said he comes in every now and then but they dont explain who he is and what he is doing there, just that he
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