Vietnam War Representation 3

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B2 study representation 1, 2, 3 The accuracy of representation 1 is that it is very accurate because it was made to give information and facts about the Vietnam War protests. I know it is accrete because it was made to give information and facts about the Vietnam War protests did start out peaceful but gradually got violent. For example, “Norman Morrison, a Quaker from Baltimore, set fire to himself.” this shows that the message gives is accurate as the protests started off as peaceful; and got violent over time. A reason why representation 1 isn’t very accurate is because it doesn’t mention anything about the pro war view or the groups of people like the hawks. Representation 2 to however could be argued that it is accurate in a way because…show more content…
The message of the representation is that Americans is losing the war and wants out and it is clearly shown in the poster "I WANR OUT". This shows that it is accurate because I know from my own personal knowledge that the 1971 protest in America were getting bigger, more violent and serious for the government. However, representation 3 is not totally accurate because not all of America were against the war. I know this because there was a huge questionnaire on if people were against or for the war. 40% said they were for the war and 60% said against the war. The source just gives an anti-war view which is not the whole…show more content…
Also it is very one sided as most protesters weren't like that the put themselves across has been clean and passionate about what they are protesting for show that people believe them. For example the last person in the cartoon is port across as being stupid because there is no point trying to sort out the war when America and Vietnam didn't. Another thing it has a tone which means it can't be objective as it is humorous and biased. Representation 3 is comprehensive because it is from a text book, this means that it would have to be comprehensive so that it could teach people or expand people's knowledge about it. I know that it is reliable because is also gives facts and figures. For example, 'in April 1965, 20, 000 people attended a peace rally at the Washington monument. I know from my own knowledge I know that it is accurate. Representation 3 is not objective at all. Firstly, it only gives one side of the story of the anti war views because the source says "I WANT OUT". This shows that America is battered and bruised because it doesn't say anything about people who supported the war. The representation is also not objective because it has a emotional tone to it so the image of America would make many people feel sorry for America so it makes them pull out of the

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