Lottery Draft System

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Vietnam War Prior to Vietnam, the American populous held their Schools, Congressman, and official institutions in a high regard. Some Americans felt that even though the intentions of the Government were good when entering the conflict, it was a battle that could never be won and there was too great of a burden on the country economically and social to continue the war. Others felt that the United States was in Vietnam for a purpose and should stay until their task was accomplished. It’s hard to determine the long-term effects of Vietnam to the American public. Although many students were moved by the war, it also caused great changes to politics in the United States. It was an extremely trying time for student during the Vietnam War. Although you were able to avoid the war as a student once you graduated you were at risk for the draft. However, the war escalated and a Selective Service System operated on a lottery system was enacted forcing some students to join the war. These lottery systems lead way to college students using their campuses for large protests to stop the war in fear that if it continued they would be drafted (History and Records, 2009). In protest of the lottery draft system many students burned their draft cards forcing President Johnson to enact a law making it…show more content…
Even though they didn’t have a choice in being drafted, the American Public still treated them with disrespect protesting against them upon their return from war. Many years later, American men and woman entered into a war with Iraq. Many of which are being killed in the conflict. Many Americans that lived during the Vietnam war may have been wondering if Iraq was going to be a second Vietnam. However, the American’s evolved between these two conflicts and although it may appear to be another Vietnam, the public is more supportive of their
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