Kite Runner the Book vs the Movie

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So on this fine Saturday night I went and bought myself a nice bottle of Bella Rosa (and became a member of the wine club - hmmm, sounds like trouble to me) and watched The Kite Runner. After I read the book, I wanted to see the movie and how it compared to the novel. I really did enjoy the movie, it was fast paced and beautifully shot. The kite scene was gorgeous - it is amazing how people fly those things! Also, the actors were amazing. Those kids were so young, but they truly acted beautifully. I don't know why, but I thought the movie would be in English. There were subtitles (which were hard to read because they were yellow) so I really had to pay attention. While I enjoyed the movie, I feel some important parts were left out. The beginning of the movie really moved quite quickly. I feel Hassan and Amir's relationship was not developed properly. One thing I was grateful for is that they didn't show the rape of Hassan - it was more implied, still heartbreaking though. I was a little upset that Rahim Khan didn't tell Amir that he knew what happened to Hassan. He only said that "there is a way to be good again". I felt that the movie didn't properly portray Amir's guilt over this situation, especially since it was such an important aspect in his life - it shaped the man he became. Also, I felt Amir's time with Sohrab before heading back to America was too brief and too easy. In the novel, they really struggled with many things - the adoption process, Sohrab trusting Amir and most importantly, Sohrab's attempted suicide. These hardships really were important to the overall story and I wish they were included. Not only did they not expand this time period, the discussion between Soraya and Amir about children was never shown. I think this was important because they vetoed adoption in the book, but made an exception in the end. I think that should have

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