Sheila Birling An Inspector Calls

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LAn Inspector Calls ‘An Inspector Calls’ is a play by J.B Priestley. It was written in 1945. At this time, believing in a community was seen as the way forward and Priestley agreed with this. He shows his view through the character of the Inspector. My essay is going to look at the characters of Sheila Birling and Arthur Birling and how their views on responsibility for people outside the family are different. ‘An Inspector Calls’ is set in 1912. The Birling family is celebrating Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft when Inspector Goole arrives. Inspector Goole informs them of Eva Smith’s suicide. He then goes on to question them and it is found that they are all partially responsible for her death.…show more content…
He doesn’t like to be the only one blamed as he shows here: “(with marked change of tone)… I thought that – for some reason best known to yourself - you were making the most of this tiny bit of information I could give you. I’m sorry. This makes a difference.” He shows that he does not mind if he doesn’t have to take full responsibility and says that it changes everything. Arthur does not like to take all the responsibility. Also, he is afraid for his family here and their reputation. After everyone has been questioned, Arthur says this: “It doesn’t matter much now, of course, but was he really a police inspector?” “Well, if he wasn’t, it matters a devil of a lot.” He says this after the Inspector has left and shows that even if the Inspector was a fake and tricking him then it did not happen and everything could go back to normal. This showed that if the Inspector was not real, he felt he did not have to take any responsibility for Eva’s death and Arthur felt relieved. Arthur also says that if it was more than one girl, it makes a difference as well because he may have only sacked one of
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