The Cellist of Sarajevo

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THE CELLIST OF SARAJEVO STEVEN GALLOWAY May 8th 2013 HABIB BALIKWISHA PATANGULI Quotations and Significance Dragan " It could even be the sound of the men on the hills trying to drive a wedge into the heart of the city" (Page 176) - I found this quote to be significant because I felt that it described how the people are reacting to the men on the hills. It showed how the men on the hills are weaken the city, to a point that when they fire they are basically just killing the city slowly. How the people in Sarajevo have lost hope to the extent that they believe this war will never end. So basically I thought that this quote was significant because it symbolized how the presence of the men on the hills is breaking down the people of the city mentally and physically. "He ashamed, and wants to tell her so, but it's not for him to apologize. He hasn't earned the right" (Page 176) - I found this quote to be significant because I felt that it showed Dragan's character and how the guilt had built up within him. It showed us how Dragan felt remorse for what happened to Emina but he also felt that he wasn't worthy enough to own up to it. He felt that since he never helped her, well she was shot. So he feels he's unworthy of showing her, his remorse because he never tried to help her in the first place. So basically you can't feel sorry in a situation when you didn't try to help in the first place. "No wants the coat they were shot in, even if it were possible to wash out the blood and mend the holes. It was a nice coat when she wore it. Now it doesn't look like much to him. Just another piece of garbage." (Page 178) - I found this quote to be significant because I thought this symbolized the city in a way. It shows how why would someone want to live in a city after the war was over. It would just be another piece of garbage. How the city was beautiful before
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