Sonny's Blues Reflection

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Sonny’s Blues, by James Baldwin, was about two brothers from Harlem. The older brother’s name is unknown, and the younger brother being Sonny. Sonny’s brother was a high school math teacher. Sonny, lived on his own and had the dream to play music with jazz musicians. But, he ends up getting arrested out of his apartment. After being arrested, and going to jail, it doesn’t seem like Sonny really went through much of a change throughout the story. His brother on the other hand, seemed like he made the biggest changed though everything that went on with his brother. By the end of the story, everything makes more sense to him, and he understands his brother a lot better. Sonny was young, and had the dream to be able to play his music with…show more content…
In the beginning of the story you see that Sonny and his brother were not keeping close at all. In the second paragraph on pg 554, the brother says, “He became real to me again.” He’s basically saying that Sonny didn’t really exist to him anymore, until he read about him getting arrested in the article. He didn’t understand what was going on with his younger brother. He’s never even talked to him about what was going on with him to try to understand. When he talked to the past friend of Sonny’s, that’s where he starts to see what’s been going on with his brother, because of the things this guy is told him. But he really starts to get an understanding of everything going on with his brother Sonny when they actually sit down and talk after Sonny gets back home from serving his punishment. Sonny opened up to his brother. He let him know why he was involved with the drugs, and how it makes him feel when he plays his music. When he finally went out with Sonny to the place in the village, his eyes were really opened. He saw how things were in “Sonny’s world.” At the end of the paragraph and the top of pg. 574, it says, “Yet it was clear that, for them, I was only Sonny’s brother. Here, I was in Sonny’s World. Or, rather: his kingdom. Here, it was not even a question that his veins bore royal blood.” He sees that Sonny is just caught up in his own world, but is respected for what he does by a lot of people.…show more content…
But, Sonny’s brother is the one that went through the major change. He started out not really knowing anything about his brother’s new life. He had a kind of negative outlook about everything going on. He even thought that his brother’s music dreams were a little out there. He didn’t really have any understanding on Sonny. On pg. 561, he tells us, “Sonny just moves back, inside himself, where he can’t be reached.” Sonny would just keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. This probably made it more difficult for people to read him, which is why his brother never understood him, or even tried to understand. But by the end of the story when he finally got to hear his brother play his music, and do what he always said he wanted to do, he finally understood everything. And he also didn’t look at his brother and everything going on with him in such a bad way anymore. He actually liked what his brother was doing, and how it made them both feel. They were both finally about to make some kind of connection with each other through Sonny’s

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