Tom Robinson's Fair Trial

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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee there is a trail that takes place about a black man named Tom Robinson who is accused for raping a 19 year old woman named Mayella Ewell. Simply this was considered an utter failure and did not give Tom Robinson a fair trial which can be proven by three specific pieces of evidence. The first piece of evidence that shows that Tom Robinson did not receive a fair trial was because he did not receive the right to have a fair trial. The first way is that if the accused does not receive a fair trial he/she and it is ruled that the trial was unfair, the accused may typically restart the trial or have the verdict voided. The second is because it was clear throughout the book that the trial was…show more content…
At one point in the trial a man stands up to say something in the defense of Tom Robinson, but is immediately quieted by the Judge and is even asked to leave the court room. It seems like everyone just assumed that Tom Robinson already was guilty before he was even tried. When Mr. Ewell takes the stand, which is Mayella Ewell’s father, he couldn’t just call Tom Robinson by his full name and instead would call him a nigger and other bad terms. Once again as stated before African-Americans were not allowed to be apart off a jury at this point in history, instead leaving a very prejudice jury that seems to still think he is guilty even though the evidence clearly shows he is not. When Tom Robinson has to task the stand Mr. Gilmer starts badgering him by asking him very critical questions and not giving him time to answer which is also not allowed in court. Also he starts to bring up irrelevant facts such as why he was running if he has nothing to hide, and even though Tom Robinson gave him a relevant answer it still makes him look suspicious and like there is more to the case than was already stated, which there wasn’t. To sum everything up, this piece of evidence shows that the people around did not treat him as a person being tried should be and it greatly affected the jury’s
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