Jealousy In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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When I first came to the school in my freshman year, I recollect seeing people wearing strange, exotic letters across their chests. Not only did I wonder what they were doing wearing these ridiculous letters, but I also wanted to know what the letters meant. Once I was introduced to this Scarlet Letter project I was completely mortified. I am extremely shy and don’t enjoy drawing too much attention to myself. Now Mrs. Murphy-Tick expected me to wear a letter representing my character flaw for a whole two days? This couldn’t be happening. My letter, “J”, can signify different meanings. It could indicate being judgmental, jaundiced, jaded, jerky, or jumpy. However, the most prominent weakness in myself is jealousy. I find myself becoming…show more content…
This preparation did not prepare me for the previous two days. People I barely knew were asking me about my letter. I tried to pacify the meaning and not give a straightforward answer, however, I remembered Hester’s strength and courage within the novel, the Scarlet letter. In comparison, I began telling those who asked with a new sense of confidence. With every, “What does ‘J’ stand for?” I would reply assertively, “’J’ is for jealously.” However, being asked what the letter indicated was not the worst part. The explanation of how and why I am jealous continued to baffle people. Nobody could really understand the roots of my jealousy, not even my own mother. I would receive retorts such as, “What do you even have to be jealous of?” with a hint of exasperation. While producing a response, I thought long and hard about the origin of my jealously. It made me comprehend that I have a very low self-esteem and self-image. After responding with replies consisting of, “Everything,” and “You know, stuff,” I began to acknowledge my lack of confidence. Following that epiphany, my responses changed to factual sources of my jealousy. At one point, I encountered a peer with the same letter and meaning. We conversed on how absolutely anything makes us turn “green with envy.” It was really nice having someone to relate with and get all of the

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