Summary Of 'Daddy Tupled The Blanket And Shame'

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daddy tucked in a blanket In The essays “Daddy Tucked the Blanket” By Randall Williams, and “Shame” By Richard Gregory both have the same conflict in their lives and that conflict is poverty. Randall has problems with poverty; However, Randall’s point of view with poverty is his house being so messed up and torn up with all the people living in it and is ashamed of bringing any friends over because of the bad shape it’s in. Richard version of poverty is different from Randall’s. Richard’s family receives welfare checks; however he makes his own little money by shoe shining and selling papers. As Randall only has the problem of his house, Richard has the problem of not eating food and is desperate for it that he even eats paste from school. Not only that but he also doesn’t have a…show more content…
Randall was able to have good clothes because his father would barely have enough to put food on the table and supply them with fresh new clothes. In Randall’s home they didn’t have any hot water and their parents would constantly get into arguments about not keeping the house clean but let’s face it who can keep a house clean when there are so many kids making it very hard to keep it clean. Richard on the other hand gets clothes from the welfare people but doesn’t like to wear their clothes because it has the big welfare patch on it and doesn’t’ want people to see that. In both of these essays they share a life event that happens to them and how they feel shame and embarrassment after those incidents happen. First, Randall tells us the way he felt shame and embarrassment with his classmates. Randall was in elementary school it was shortly after Christmas and all the students were telling everyone what they got for Christmas. As everyone said there presents it was Randall’s turn to say what he got, he told

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