How Far Did Roosevelt To Understand The Concerns And Fears Of Ordinary Americans

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Roosevelt’s upbringing did and didn't make it easy for him to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans. The worries and fears for ordinary American's were things such as 'am I going to lose my house', 'will I lose my job' and 'where is my next meal coming from'. Roosevelt's upbringing didn't help because he was an only child in a rich family . This didn't help because he was pampered by his mother and got everything he wanted. He was educated at home so he had no real idea of what life was like outside of his family which may of created an ignorance to what was going on around him. Furthermore he was rather aimless and lacking in motivation in early life so he wouldn't of cared what was going on much as he wouldn't of had the drive to do anything about it. However his upbringing did help a little as when he went to secondary school, a school called Gorton that was private and had a fee, he was motivated by his headmaster who inspired him and urged him to help people less fortunate than himself and enter public service. This was helpful as his headmaster was inspiring. He went to Harvard university which gave him his independence and taught him how to handle things on his own.…show more content…
He got polio at the age of 39 in 1921, and was paralysed from the waist down. This caused him to understand the worries and fears of ordinary American's because it would of gave him empathy for people who were finding life difficult and challenging because he could relate to them. However, when he was at home he used a wheelchair and was very careful not to be seen in it in public. This was a degrading thing for Roosevelt as a President was supposed to be seen as strong yet Roosevelt would of seemed weak to the public. It was very tiring for him as he used sticks in public and it would of sapped him of his energy so he would have had less drive than a fit healthy

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