How Does Carlson Influence George's Decision To Kill Lennie

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Some Key facts to remember Carlson: I limited, insensitive person. He does not handle the later shooting of candy’s dog with any compassion. Carlson offers to shoot candy’s dog as candy is paralyzed at the thought. Candy knows that when he is no longer needed as a swamper (cleaner), he will be ‘shot’ just like a dog. However Candy later regrets letting Carlson shoot his dog for him as he says ….. “I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog”- The shooting of the dog foreshadows the death of lennie. Candy’s final comment about the dog truly influences George’s decision to kill Lennie. Later George will shoot Lennie to spare him from the unbridled violence of candy. For both, death is to be seen as a merciful release.
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