Silicone Wristbands - Emerging marketing trend

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Silicone Wristbands How did it all start? So how where and when did this concept of silicone wristbands start? The answer to this is the yellow Livestrong silicone gel wristbands which were launched in May 2004 by the Lance Armstrong foundation. The foundation was founded by seven time Tour de France Champion (1999 to 2005) and a cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, as a fund-raising tool for cancer patients. These yellow wristbands became such a huge fashion fad that it has sold over 55 million. As the fad was dying out market analyst found a dichotomy in the silicone wristband industry. They discovered an effective and inexpensive mainstay – custom silicone wristbands. They showed that just like coffee mugs, pens and t shirts aren’t considered a fad and are a mainstay, customized wristbands are here to stay too. Lance Armstrong with famous yellow wristband: Traditional advertising Vs Silicone wristbands The contemporary business scenario is characterised by tough competition, heavy marketing budgets, innovative methods of marketing and a constant demand for creativity that would help keep companies an inch ahead of their competitors. As such marketers are looking out for new methods to market their products to reach customers at different level. Though the traditional marketing mediums like television advertising and newspaper advertising still overshadow other forms of advertising, smart marketers look for novel ways of advertising their products to get the competitive advantage. Word-of-mouth marketing has been, and will be, the most successful and cost effective way to reach the mass. Word-of-mouth marketing emanates itself in plethora of forms which could decide the fate of a particular product or a brand. One of the most complex things in this world is to tame the locus of word-of-mouth epidemic; which by theory is the next thing to impossible.

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