Importance Of Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods

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Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is known for it’s operations, management, and marketing prowess. During the past few years, Kudler has experienced considerable growth within its respected market and is now looking to branch out into other markets where they can be competitive. The establishment of competitiveness in other markets will be triggered by how well Kudler can market itself in a struggling economy. It is important to analyze areas in which more marketing research is needed and to keep a watchful eye out on the competition. Strengthening areas of weakness that have little or no research will help Kudler stay ahead of the game in the months and quarters to come. Importance of Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods has stated…show more content…
The budget will allow for the activities and ideologies mentioned in the above paragraphs to transpire and take place. Three categories will help to narrow down this very large task. In no particular order, they are listed as: Marketing Initiatives, Marketing Expenditures, and Marketing Communications. Marketing initiatives is the development of stronger supplier ties, preferred programs, cooking classes etc. This will stir up excitement and add to the allure of Kudler. Next, communications will encompass the need for radio, television, and billboard advertisements. Advertising budgets do a lot for the marketing backbone of any business, and a company like Kudler that is looking to expand will benefit from these types of advertisements. Finally, expenditures is needed to increase studies, update trend analyses, and further investigate what it is the customer wants, and the best ways to provide those wants to the customer. Utilizing the budget effectively will help promote the marketing tactics and strategies of Kudler Fine…show more content…
In 2006, 37% of individuals said that they had an overall good experience, compared with 39% for 2007. An increase of 2% over a brief period shows the potential of Kudler. The second category that shows significant improvement is the value of the products compared to the cost. In 2006, 46% were dissatisfied with the cost compared to quality, whereas in 2007, this number dropped to 39%. These are a few examples where the marketing strategies and the work of management can be reflected and show positive trends over the brief twelve-month

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