Technology In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'

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Carter 1 Myles, Carter Mrs. Goldman Pre AP Literature 29 November 2012 Brave New World In the book “Brave New World” Technology played a big, influential role in their society. Things like family, friends, and fun did not matter in this society in fact they were shunned upon. The D.H.C. Made it his personal goal to control mankind through technology. The people of the New world could not be happy. Technology controlled by the D.H.C. Consumed their way of life. Technology brought them in the world and it could definitely take them out. Technology has the power to completely enslave and or free mankind kind depending on how one uses it. throughout the chapter the effects on humanity through technology steadily increases. One my think that the author might be trying to show us through the story how technology can be evil. Huxley portrays technology very negatively because how the D.H.C. uses technology to…show more content…
Technology allowed all of mankind to relax mentally and physically through an unique drug. The drug Soma was created and used by all of mankind and had many uses. Not only did soma work as a relaxation drug it actually worked as a birth control to prevent children from having mothers. It was thought of as a crime to go off of soma because the government brain washed people into thinking motherhood is bad. Over all soma did much good for the New World. Technology also took some of the jobs that the people of the Savage Land would have to do themselves. On the savage reservation were people of the New World would say they live savage, did not have any technology to do hard labor. The absence of technology made it very difficult for the Savages lives to be as chilled out and laid back as those of the New World. Huxley makes it clear that technology is not totally evil and misused, but actually can turn out to better

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