Should women take up non-traditional jobs?

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Should women take up non-traditional jobs? A police officer chasing down the street to catch a criminal… A welder welding rods in the rooftop of high-rise buildings… An engineer pointing out a loophole in the drawing of a bridge to be made… If we imagine those characters, what gender do we actually see? Don’t we picture men in those roles? Most people do, though none have any specific reason. This has been a long maintained perception in a conservative country like ours which mentions that women do not fit in the non-traditional jobs, like in police, army, or in engineering. However, it has been a bit opposite lately since women are actually stepping forward to prove the perception wrong. As a person born and living in this country, I admit it is still a bit hard to prove show that the view is wrong, but still, I think women should definitely take up non-traditional jobs to prove the ability to stand equally in the society with men. Conservative people often say, “Women are only to be nurtured and kept inside the house, so that they can manage the household and the family, and men are to earn the money to support it.” For a long time it had been maintained so strictly that women were not even allowed to study for higher education. Conservative people still say that women do not need to go earning as men are there for it. However, in an economy of ours, what good can it do if we cut half of the population away from working and earning some money? As a matter of fact, considering the poverty level, financial conditions cannot be changed unless both men and women of every family earn money, and for that, non-traditional jobs like working for police and army can be the best types of job where women can get the assurance of having governmental support and security of getting paid properly. Again, many people say that women may become too arrogant or rough to care

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