Tory Burch: Article Analysis

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In the article “Why the world needs women entrepreneurs” Tory Burch, chief executive and designer of Tory Burch points out that in today’s world where globalization is taking place and the economy grows rapidly women become more and more crucial as entrepreneurs. She also implied that in 2014 this issue would be especially visible, because today more and more enterprises and societies invest in women’s entrepreneurship. In her opinion, women entrepreneurs have a different point of view on world and business from men, therefore, they accomplish different things. Even though today millions of women have senior positions, a huge equality gap still exists. There are just a few countries where women have the same business opportunities as men,…show more content…
Therefore Tory is saying that it is about time to let them flourish by providing them with support and certain tools! In the conclusion, Tory Burch invokes the reader to share her opinion. I personally totally agree with this role-modeling woman. However, my forecast for the future of women in business is less positive. Unfortunately the recent report tells us that only by 2095 we can achieve the full gender equality on the workplace. However, of course, we could try and shorten that time. It is obviously important to have not only males in the business world, because this way we miss out on many opportunities that women could bring to the world, due to the different perception of values. When for example men are driven by mostly material success, women tend to build up relationships and friendly environment on the workplace. However, sometimes emotions and nurturing can affect the business in a negative manner. Obviously, women need more financing than men, but the question is who is eager to provide them with that? Today everyone is so concerned about their own finances and instead of thinking and acting for the greatest good; people only care about their own
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