Women in Combat

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Should women be allowed into combat? The role of women is more defined in our society curently. Actually, women take part in many fields in this life that they did not allowed to get in before such as: voiting, running for presidence, join in the government staffs or army as well. Women in combat is one of the most hottest topics to day. There are some arguments that being combat is just only for male and women should be banned from military jobs. In contrastwomen should be in combat is supported by many people. Leon Panetta- Defense Secretary, he has lifted the military's ban on women serving in combat on his announcement, it allows women into many front-line positions in combat. According to Williams (2013), " today Panette is acknowledging that to maintain the high standards of military, assignments should be based on ability, not gender". Surely, gender is not the main factor to decide that who can do good job in military because women can be a good sodier in some duties. Besides, women should be allowed into combat because of the following reasons: women can do good at leadership position, increasing more jobs for women today and women can do some specific jobs that male can not complete. First of all, women can do good at leadership position. In the past decades, women did not allowed to join in high positions such as: CEO, boss, manager or they could not allowed to run for president because women are emotional. In addition, people thought that women are too sensitive when they face to problems so they often solve the problems by their heart than their mind. But people was wrong with that thinking, because the presence of women in leadership position have been increasing during the past decades. According to Stuart Silverstein (1993) a writer of Times website: "The number of American women in management jobs nearly doubled during the 1980s, reflecting

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