Should Women Be Allowed In Combat Essay

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shukira Williams essay hr: 8 shukira Williams essay hr: 8 Shukira Williams Essay Hr: 8 There has been ban against women fighting in combat. In the article should women be allowed in combat by Catherine Ross and Elaine Donnelly stated their opinion on what they think about the ban and how could affect the U.s military. Catherine said yes she thinks women should be allowed and Elaine stated no. in my opinion I agree with Catherine because I feel women can have a chance fighting in combat also they can be as capable as men are. In the U.s army (also in other military services) women are barred from holding combat-arm position, including infantry. Also female soldiers are prohibited from serving in ground…show more content…
Elaine states that the men carry electronic equipment, weapons, ammunition and heavy body armor and water weighing 50 to 100 pound. Elaine thinks women aren’t physically capable of being in combat because of the heavy armor, which is why they go through training so that they can be prepared for all of those things. Also she addresses that smaller female’s soldiers who have an average of 45 to 50 percent less upper body strength and 25 to 30 percent less aerobic capacity which is essential for endurance. In my opinion women can always can work and get to the weight that they need to meet the standers of being in combat. Elaine also mentioned that army’s own surveys, 90 percent of enlisted women have said they oppose involuntary combat assignments on the same basis men. Elaine approaches that even if physical capabilities were objectively measured and equal, co-ed combat assignments would affect discipline and unit cohesion. I feel in combat that they need to train the women and men the same if they are going to be on the same team and that’s when equality should come in and train them as one. In my mother’s opinion she agrees with Elaine that women shouldn’t be in combat because of medical issues and that will slow the team down and that dogs can smell women when they are on their minstrel

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