Jane Addams Social Differentiation: Gender

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Nick 8/03/2008 Sociology Social Differentiation: Gender Social Differentiation is a normal occurrence for every man, woman, and child on the earth. It is almost impossible to socially differentiate someone without gender being a factor. Gender defines a huge part of the human perception and someone’s possible role in society. Over the years it’s progressively becoming more acceptable for women and men to “interchange roles”; but social differentiation is not necessarily all sexist or demeaning there is some undisputable facts. Such as women can not perform manual work as well as men, on the other hand, a man’s entire chemistry is different allowing him to be less emotional than a woman. Jane Addams and her colleague Ellen Gates Starr founded Hull House a place for down and out women. Jane treated these women as friends and ignoring their faults, became very close to these women. Being close to these women allowed Jane to understand their struggle but much of the information she gathered remained unpublished. She saw social differentiation as a block that society needed to get over, infuriately she herself was a victim. Addams hull house was also studied by male scientists of the Chicago school, they were detached from the women feeling that they were dirty and shrew.…show more content…
She was against the way women were viewed as housewives, that should be left at home and the real work left up to the men. Believing this to be ignorant and racist Friedan co founded the National Organization of Women also being its first president. She also helped create the National Women's Political Caucus, furthering society’s belief that a woman’s political opinion was just as important as a man’s. Friedan even went so far as to challenge the very way the United States was run, calling it an unhealthy situation in which conflict was
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