Should Uniforms Be Required in Schools? Essay

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Yes, foreign languages should be required in schools because they improve your likely hood of getting into college, and teaching languages in schools helps to widen the variety of jobs we can get and how we preform in them. “The foreign language department is one of the first programs that are cut due to budget shrinks in American Public Schools” (Staff Writers). With the lack of knowledge in our language department, we as a country are also lacking the opportunity to create jobs and improve our chances of getting a good education. “In general, competitive colleges require at least two years of foreign language classes in high school” (Grove) Which means that if colleges are requiring it, our schools should be teaching it in order for the students to get the best education possible in the long run. “An estimated 60,000 American students study Chinese, compared to 200 million Chinese students studying English. That’s a 1:3,333 ratio.” (Staff Writers) and with China up in front with their language teaching, they can interfere with the jobs us Americans get if they speak our language more then we speak theirs. A lot of colleges also recommend learning at least 2 or more years of a foreign language, meaning that it would strengthen your application and boost the chance of you getting accepted if you have learned at least 2 years. Also, by teaching foreign language, schools are also increasing their academic skill level in every area, not just the language department. Secondly, if an individual plans on taking part in the business world, they need to know a language in order to communicate with other countries and to understand whom they are competing against. When a college student knows a foreign language at a high level, their chances of getting a job out of college compared to someone who doesn’t know a foreign language is much bigger. Learning a foreign

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