Should Joining the Military Be Mandatory

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Aiello English Comp 2 November17, 2014 Should Military Enlistment be Mandatory? As it stands right now in the United States, there is no requirement to enlist in military service. The decision of the 1% of Americans who are enlisted in active duty service has been completely voluntary. When compared to the 9% of Americans that were enlisted in active duty service during World War II, that is a really small percentage of the population. Sabrina Tavernise from the New York Times says, “as a result, there is a growing generation gap, with younger Americans far less likely than older ones to have a family member who served.” (Tavernise) Americans are excessively self-satisfied, and think the government will always take care of their needs. Obviously not all Americans are like this, yet an excessively high rate are. Individuals need to figure out how to provide for themselves. I don't accept that everybody ought to be thrown into battle (just on a volunteer premise), however everybody should be required to go to basic training and serve for a year. It would definitely lower wrongdoing, expand development, make individuals more astute, fit, and more thankful. Despite the fact that, there would need to be exemptions for those with handicaps or the individuals who are excessively overweight. Some people think that military service should be mandatory and almost as many people believe that it shouldn’t be. People should be required to serve in a branch of the military once they turn 18 if they are not going to college. Because being in the military instills morals, organizational skills, and physical fitness that wouldn’t be learned by not bettering yourself in a school of higher learning, the military also makes a person a contributing productive member of society, and the military stimulates the economy by not having as many people on government assistance.

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