Should Americans Be Required to Vote?

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Carmen High School of Science and Technology Should Americans Be Required to Vote? Sintia Ortega American Government Period 5 Ms. Engibous 5/3/13 Sintia Ortega American Government Ms.Engibous Period 5 5/3/13 Should Americans Be Required to Vote? Americans should be required to vote because less and less people have voted making our country look lazy bums. What will happen if everyone decides not to vote anymore? Since World War II no other election has ever involved 65% or more registered voters. Elections for state and local elections are even lower. As we may all know the United States of America is a Democracy. In other words, the people will decide who will lead the country and what the country will do. Why do people still don’t vote and then later whine about who gets elected? Is it really that hard to get up, get in line, and wait to vote for someone to run their country? They do that for fast food restaurants, why not to vote? How can we get more people to voting ballots? Some people that worried about the legitimacy of our government, have proposed various ways to increase voting. Some ways are mailing ballots to people’s home, same-day voting registration, and early voting. Another idea is America should turn Election Day to a national holiday, that way everyone can make time to vote. Through out time people have fought for our right to vote. Why waste our freedom to vote? Blacks fighting to vote, being discriminated, and finally having the freedom to vote. Women getting beaten, killed, and getting fed unwillingly, just for fighting their right to vote. Does this come across anyone’s mind when they decide not to vote on Election Day? John W. Dean’s words inspire, in this speech he gave on February 28, 2003 “While compulsion of any kind is a restriction, so is the compulsion to drive only on the right side of the
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