How Does Lao Tzu Affect American Society

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Lao-Tzu and Today’s American Society There are dozens of tactics that thousands of leaders have tried throughout history to come up with the perfect way which to run a government and a nation. Some leaders and masters think violence is necessary and see power and victory in fighting and winning a war. Others see the importance of peace and agree that there is no need for violence for any matter whatsoever. Twenty-five hundred years ago life was much different and the necessities for the average person varied drastically than those of today. What was cherished could have been a cup of rice, as compared to today where fast pace technology rules the world and the average American cannot go a day without a device to be in constant communication…show more content…
With technology that runs the life’s of millions, and the constant need to obtain anything and everything without a price, Lao-Tzu would hang his head in shock at the life we have grown so quick to know. There are places in the government and in the life of today that Lao-Tzu would think inadequate for living; however, we must look at what in our life meets his guidelines as well. Modern American society is not perfect. The ways of the world have changed since 6th century BC and life has become much more complicated all the while striving to make things simpler. The way technology has driven the last half of a century has changed life astronomically. Everyday people crave and desire the next big thing on the market. Whether it is the hybrid car or touch screen phone, the need for something more leaves room in life for unhappiness when those items are not obtained. Lao-Tzu strongly argued that when people do not want anything, they are okay with living simple. This is beyond the truth of today. When thinking about today and the world of desire we live in, a great example of how it has such…show more content…
The parts of life that have become easier, such as the ability to get from point a to point b in a short period of time, or the ways which technology has improved healthcare, are both things that I think Lao-Tzu would have appreciated. Even though a lot of transportation seems to be very complicated, it makes life simpler and less chaotic than those worlds in the past where transportation could take days. Lao-Tzu states “The simplest pattern is the clearest. Content with an ordinary life, you can show all people the way to their own true nature.” It makes sense that if Lao-Tzu argued that a simple pattern was the clearest, that the means of transportation in America would be accepted because the fact of how much easier it makes the rest of our life. When people don’t have to worry about taking five hours to go ten miles by horse, other aspects of life become more clear and important, which is essentially what Lao-Tzu argued would happen. Lao-Tzu would most likely be pretty excited about the healthcare we have in modern American society. He believed that “whoever relies on the Tao in governing men, doesn’t try to force issues…” Lao-Tzu would have liked the idea that each person has the ability to choose their healthcare plans and that our government generally stays out of

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