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There are issues causing concern all across the world today. These issues range from all different topics and affect all different forms of people. Specifically America is facing a crisis because of the amount of issues it has. The current status of these issues makes it important that we look for solutions to help eliminate these problems in order to better The United States in the future. While there are many topics and issues, some of the main problems include; Homelessness, leaving Long Island, Gangs, race relations, and the Graying of America. There are many issues to add onto this list but solving some of these main crisis’s will help promote a positive environment for America to grow. Homelessness is a serious issues that has…show more content…
This has been affecting the world since the dawn of time and seems to still be a major issue today. Many people and organizations are still playing the part of racism through affirmative action programs. Affirmative action is “ policies that take factors including "race, color, religion, sex, or national origin"[1] into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group "in areas of employment, education, and business.” This policy has been in debate several times through Supreme Court cases and it seems like it is not truly decided if it is appropriate or inappropriate yet. One case in the Supreme Court was Gr utter v. Bollinger. This case revolved around the admissions policy at public universitys( ). The final ruling of this case was that race was allowed to play a limited role in public schools in order to increase a diverse experience. Another case was Fisher v. University of Texas, this case directly related to affirmative action in the admissions policy at the University of Texas. This case was one that could overturn the Grutter v. Bollinger case and change the admissions policy completely. The result of this case was that the University upheld its policy for admissions. The case that really shook things up was the current case against the University of Michigan. In this case a student was denied…show more content…
This is the older generations living longer because of medical advances. While on paper this does not seem like an issue, when living with it people can see that it is causing more and more problems. The main issue this causes is overpopulation because of the average length of life( ). This affects the job market because people are living longer causes them to retire later on in life to support themselves. Mainly affecting my generation, jobs that should be given to college graduates are not even open yet because senior employees are staying in companies when normally they would have retired. Social Security also poses an issues because younger generations are paying into the “baby boomers” social security. The main scare is that it will run out and those that paid into it might not even be able to receive it when needed. This is causing drastic changes in the world affecting all ages and all kinds of people. Unfortunately this issue really cant be addressed and the world will just have to adapt to the fact that people are living longer lives. If this trend increases the younger generations will live even longer than the current elders because of increased medical advances. The best way for people to help themselves is to look into jobs in medical advancement, retirement management, elder care, and

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