Essay On Military Draft

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In past times of war, when the draft was instated, the draft was always something a man would have to worry about—it could change his life forever. However, with the current war in Iraq, a man and his family do not have to worry about him being drafted; it is his choice to serve the country in this manner. Because of this, it is not truly put into perspective how much a person’s life would change if a draft military was to be put into use. In today’s time of war, there has been a question of whether the government will reinstate a general conscription military, as opposed to the volunteer professional army that is currently being utilized and has been since the end of the Vietnam War. Some may argue that the draft would help the current situation, and that it would equalize service. However, it can be seen that overall, to reinstate a general conscription army in this time of war in America would not be beneficial to the young men of today. Today’s world offers many educational opportunities for young adults, so to reinstate the draft would seriously hinder a young man’s education. If he was drafted,…show more content…
If a man had a wife and children and he was drafted, he would have to leave them to be on their own, which would be a strain on the family as a whole. The wife may not have had a job previously, and she may have to take time away from caring for her children to work in order to help support them. The children would be without their father, and they may fear for his life, in addition to missing their father. The father would miss out on being a part of his wife and children’s lives. This may also have effects on the marriage. Even if a man may not have begun a family of his own, he may have parents and siblings that would be affected by his conscription. Overall, the strains on the personal life of a conscripted soldier would be
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