Should Homosexuals Be Able To Marry

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In the eyes of millions of people homosexuals are just “those people who like just men or who like just women”. A homosexual is a person, no matter how you look at it. Just because a person likes the same sex shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy just as a heterosexual is. In federal law it defines marriage as one man and one woman. Between different religions they argue that it homosexual actions are sinful, however within many other religions there are also people who view the two sexual orientations positively. In the past homosexuals kept their sexuality in the “closet” or “hidden” due to the negativity and hatred towards their gender. In this paper I will attempt to argue why homosexuals should be able to marry. Why do I believe homosexuals should be able to marry? I do believe homosexuals should be able to marry. I have multiple friends who are homosexuals and for years were tortured and ridiculed because of their decision to be homosexuals. In the past government did not allow or recognize gay marriages or allow homosexuals the same benefits as a one man and one woman marriage. Religion is one of the main reasons some people do not like the idea of homosexuals having the right to marry. One of the most used arguments about the issue is that God says that same-sex interactions (marriage, sex, lesbian, homosexual acts) are an abomination. The institution of marriage is supposed to be between two people that love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. The sexual orientation of the two people that are involved should not matter. The religion someone believes, how people think it will affect children’s lives, and that thinking that marriage is just for a man and a woman only does not matter. Love is love, so why cannot same-sex couples make their love legal like everyone else? We know that homosexuality is neither a disease nor a

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