Phi 103 Final Assignment

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SHOULD HOMOSEXUALS BE ABLE TO MARRY? PHI103 01/16/2012 The simplest answer to the same-sex marriage issue is to determine the true meaning of the term "marriage" and what degree has it promoted and upheld a stable society based on the formation of moral ideologies and the control of the law. Which I have determined should not be made legal based on this premise. Religion is one of the main reasons some people do not like the idea of homosexuals having the right to marry. One of the most used arguments about the issue is that God says that same-sex interactions (marriage, sex, lesbian, homosexual acts) are abominations. How could it be an abomination if people are being themselves? Why would God only hate homosexuals if it says that he loves everyone? The fact that homosexuals will threaten religion is wrong. Religions has always been supported as the fundamental reliable source of truth which was supported and promoted by the Roman Catholic church, René Descartes the French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician challenged the churches authority to provide these truths, this created an era when the roman catholic church was challenged by many philosophers as the sole interpreter and providers of truths and findings from philosophers like Aristotle. “Martin Luther and the development of the Protestant Reformation presented a strong challenge to the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church and its authority to provide the sole correct religious truths.” (Mosser 2011) “The Aristotelian view of the nature of the physical world was also regarded as authoritative, but it began to be questioned by such astronomers as Copernicus, Galileo, and Descartes himself.” Although I consider myself a very religious person I will support my argument with less ideology and more inductive logic and reasoning. First we will discuss the definition of
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