Should Government Restrict Access To Abortion

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Valeriya Poltavchenko ESL- 0189 The U.S. government should not restrict access to abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure in which a pregnancy is terminated, resulting in thedestruction of an embryo or fetus. The Constitution makes no mention of abortion, but the debate over how it should be interpreted and applied to questions surrounding abortion has been the center of controversy for decades (Current Issues 35th edition). In light of this, should the U.S government restrict access to abortion? It`s a controversial question that caused many arguments. Everyone has an opinion about abortion. In every abortion a human being dies. Does that mean that all abortions should be banned? “Not always”. There are some personal and medical reasons why U.S. government should not restrict access to abortion.…show more content…
Abortion helps them to move on and get over their terrible experience. Also, it can be a protection from an unwanted child. There is no reason that the government would force the rape victim to carry the child that she never wanted. Also, many women who choose abortion don't have the financial resources to support a child. A journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health was asking women why they had an abortion found that 73% of respondents said they could not afford to have a baby, and 38% said giving birth would interfere with their education and career goals. Reproductive choice protects women from financial disadvantage. Young age is always used to be a reason for an abortion. Imagine a situation when woman is still in high school and doesn’t know where to turn for help; however, I think that in every abortion a human being dies, but abortion changes lives

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