Should Energy Drinks Be Banned

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It’s 2:00 and there are many people in the United States need a boost of energy. The most popular way is to take a “power nap” but most of these people don’t have that extra 20 minutes to go to sleep. So as a substitute they are able to grab an energy drink. Many would say that energy drinks have horrible ingredients, or people have labeled them dangerous because of others abuse by them. Although shunned by the uneducated, grabbing that energy drink, not only have they gotten back their energy, but they have also saved time because they did not have to stop what they were doing. Energy drinks allow millions of people to have these boosts every day. This is why energy drinks should not be banned by the FDA. The things that enter your body when drinking an energy drink are not all bad. One of the main popular components while consuming energy drinks is Guarana. Guarana is receiving mixed opinions by most is considered a health tonic in Brazil for its natural energy source. Glucose and sucrose are complex carbohydrates that the body consumes during organic reactions for energy. The chemical reactions of these two sugars with oxygen gas have very high, negative enthalpy values. This means that during this process a lot of energy is released this is energy that our body uses for fuel. When your body breaks down carbohydrates for consumption, glucose is the most abundant saccharine. So glucose is the main sugar that our body consumes for energy. Amino acids are the component structural units of proteins in your body. People will often see weight lifters consuming products with "key amino acids" to help the muscles use and build protein. Protein is NECESSARY for the muscle development and growth in almost all living organisms. Many cases can be made against the use of caffeine, but it is a very practical and relatively mild drug. It stimulates the central nervous

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