Shooting for Bullying Is a World Wide Menace

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Name: Instructor: Class: Date: Shooting for Bullying is a World Wide Menace Bullying is power imbalance between two parties and whereby repeated bad acts fall on the inferior side. This includes recurrent physical, psychological, verbal harassments or any other form of intimidation aimed towards a victim who is not able to defend themselves because of being outnumbered, size, power, strength and psychological flexibility of their opponents. Bullying can provoke shooting in schools. Most bullies come from harsh surroundings, for example being bullied at home, physical discipline and lack of monitoring by parents. Many bullies tend to carry weapons and may indulge in drugs and alcohol at an early age. It’s quite hard to detect a bully and trying to stop then can be hard. The victims usually have cuts and bruises and mostly tend to be quiet and lonely. Bullying in schools is risky because it leads to withdraw, violence and murder. Schools are places where bullying, mockery, intimidation, degradation, corporal abuse and group isolation are very common. About 30% youth in America are predicted to be mixed up with bullying either as a bully, a victim or can be both a target of bullying and a bully at the same time. ( those who shoot are among the victims who are tormented on daily basis by their mates. Killing, then, becomes an act of revenge to them. Due to the physical, psychological and emotional pain inflicted to them by their bullies. Though, this does not validate to murdering others. They tend to be helpless and think of revenge as the only solution to put a stop to their pain in order for them to have a peace of mind. Bullying has a number of harmful effects to both the bully and the target to the bullying. This takes different forms of harassments and in other worse cases it may involve shooting, depression and murder among peers. These
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