Columbine High School Research Paper

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Do media affect the way we view the world? Do we brain wash our nation knowledge with gossip we hear or read in America’ top rank magazine? Our society is becoming more globally interconnected with daily news and gossip around the world. We believe everything we hear and say because it may become the biggest issue around the world. In today’s world media has been taken to another level. We now have different types of technology to communicate phones today have cameras, internet, and video cameras. I pods can get local weather and wii has the internet. The reason why public school have scanners at public school are because teenagers take a pound they self and sneaks razors behind cell phones batteries hide all sorts of technology in there…show more content…
The little boy throws the hand the gun into a nearby waste basket and runs into a nearby rest room.” In the article they make it seem like the child must had knew he did something wrong. At the same time where were the adults at when this child wanders off into his book bag? Where was the guidance at when this child went off to go pull the trigger or when he went in the danger zone where he found this weapon at? Just like now why is there always teen shooting in high schools? Students believe that high schools shooting are most cause of being pick on or being mistreated. The most commonly referred to school shooting is that at Columbine High School, in Littleton, Colorado, on Tuesday, April 20, 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the perpetrators. Like many instances of "school shootings," Harris and Klebold took their own lives before the end of the event. Also similar to many school shooters, Harris and Klebold were found to be victims of bullying. Perpetrators of school killings frequently voice severe anger and isolation preceding their actions. They may have a history of violence, or uncommon inappropriate and extreme behaviors at school.. Parents are a big problem in this issue; some don’t care what their kids
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