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Shima Rahman autobiography 11/16/12 My name is Shima Rahman and I was born in Pakistan on july 4th.Now I live in NJ.I am married and I have thre kids . I attended schools and college in Pakistan.I attended college in PCCC too.Iam currently taking CDA classes in PCCC.My personal hobbies are reading, reading to children, and doing arts and crafts.I enjoy to spend time with children .That is why I have worked happily for past three years at Early Childhood Learning Center.I have been helped my daughter home work since she was in kindergarten to now and I love it . I always think innovative ideas and would love to work with creative section .I think working with young children is the right job to implement my ideas and talents.when I have worked at the Early Childhood Learning Center base on 3 to 5 years child I had experienced about creativation to inspired every young children to creat something by themselves. I am a full energetic person ,That is why I was spending extra time with children such as played with them, to helped arts and crafts .I was reading story book to children and I sang song…show more content…
Couple years later I decided once again to stay home with my daughter and also gave birth to my son and after two years later I gave birth to my another daughter.In september my husband stayed home on couple hours to take care of my children I am determinded for all kind of situtation.So I've experienced about children.Now that I finally feel settled down, I want to obtain my CDA ;I know it will open a lot of jobs opportunities.I am also willing to learn and improve my teaching.My goal is becoming a pre-school lead teacher.I want to grow more as a teacher and be able to teach the appopriate things to the young children.The CDA will help me the functional areas.After I completemy CDA, I want to continue with my education one day so that can work an elementary

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