My Genogram Reflection

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Ambition is like a strong desire to achieve one’s goals or succeed. I do have different dreams and career ambitions since I was 7 year-old. I still remember my first ambition was to become a teacher. I felt that it was so powerful to become a teacher as everybody has to follow what teacher said. I liked to look at teachers when they were teaching in the class and day dreamed I would become a teacher one day too. In year 2001, I spent my time after PMR in hospital to take care of my grandmother. That was the first time I stayed in hospital and I saw how nurses and doctors were working. Those nurses impressed me a lot. Because of the event, I joined the Red Crescent society in school and learned some first aid skills. But, I was not really settled on a career direction when I was in my secondary school and changed my ambitions frequently as I was interested with other helping careers, such as psychologist, counselor, and early-childhood teacher and so on. After the release of my SPM results – which was better than I had expected – I was unsure of where to go, science or art stream. As a result, I went and met my school counselor, Madam Wong. We had a counseling session and it inspired me lots. Afterwards, I studied STPM. After getting my STPM result, my initial plan was pursue a degree in Counseling or Psychology either in local university or private university. I got an offer from University Malaya to study in Counseling in year 2006. I was at the top of the world when I knew I got the course. I hope that I can become a professional and certified counselor. Besides that, I wish that I can further my study in USA and get a PhD in Counseling. Before entering university, I used to work during the school holidays. I started to work since I was 14 year-old. My first holiday job was working in a calendar factory with my friend. The boss paid us for RM1 per hour as

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