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Sharks, an animal that has survived multiple stages of extinction and surprisingly an extremely shy animal. The documentary Sharkwater by Rob Stewart is an extremely eye opening movie. The documentary primarily takes place in the Galapagos and the Cocos Island. During this video Rob shows the audience things that don’t get talked about on the news like shark attacks do. After watching the documentary I was shocked about what was happening to these animals and how big of an industry it is. During the movie Rob states that the shark fin can go for over 200 dollars in America. I did some of the math and at the end of the movie he also states that 15,000 sharks have been killed in the 90 minutes the movie lasts. After doing the math if you take 5 fins from each shark the seller or business would make $15,000,000. That was just mind blowing to me and it showed why this business of shark finning is such a huge business. Also the movie talks about line fishing which I have never heard of before this video. Line fishing is when a fishing boat takes miles and miles of fishing line full of baited hooks and tosses it out in the water for fish, sharks, turtles, or just any type of sea creature to bit or get tangled in and die. Line fishing is illegal in most countries but there is such a huge business in it a lot of countries will not do anything to stop the fishermen from doing it. For example when Rob and the crew of the Sea Shepard were trying to stop the Varadera from line fishing the Varadera crew was let off the hook by the Costa Rica government even though they were illegally fishing, but the Sea Shepard was charged with 7 counts of attempted murder. This event over all made me extremely mad because the Varadera was set free for doing something illegal and the Sea Shepard (who was invited by the Costa Rican President) for doing what they were told to do.

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