Northern Snakehead Essay

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The Northern Snakehead, also referred to as Channa argus, is a type of fish species that is able to breathe air. Although it is native to China, Russia, North Korea and South Korea, it can be found all over the United States. It prefers muddy ponds, swamps, and streams with temperatures ranging from 0-30 degrees Celsius. During a drought, it will bury itself in mud. The Northern Snakehead can survive up to four days out of water and can grow up to 33 inches long. The species has been nicknamed “Frankenfish” due to its shark-like teeth and aggressiveness. It was first introduced in a pond in Crofton, Maryland in June 2002. Researchers believe the species ended up in the U.S. due to uncaring disposal of aquarium pets. Other researchers think some people were trying to breed Snakeheads as they bring a large amount of money in some areas. ( The Northern Snakehead is a major predator, as it has no enemies. It has the ability to wipe out populations of native fish. “Frankenfish” entire diet mostly contains other fish, as well as plants and insects. Every now and then, they also enjoy human flesh. ( Parent Snakeheads are known to over protect their young. In one instance, the parent attacked a human who approached their babies. ( The Northern Snakehead has made quite an economic impact on the areas it has invaded. Since it destroys ecosystems, money has to be spent on pesticides to attempt to wipe out the species. When the pesticide is placed in a pond, it kills every fish in that pond. Fishers are told to kill any Northern Snakehead they find. Unlike other fish, they are highly capable of traveling on solid ground to new environments by simply wiggling their body around. ( The only predators the Northern Snakehead has in the United States are other Northern Snakeheads and humans. Anyone who comes across one is

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