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Bradley brobst English II 12/14/09 Is the mega shark real or myth? Too many people believe that the megladon (mega shark) is not real, but the people have not seen the evidence of this horrific creature. There have been many sightings, photos, and some sort of video that can be plausible. Many bones of the great shark have been found of the shark. The shark is to be said that the length of the shark is about four times the size of a full size great white shark and about the width of a car. I can prove that the megladon is real. The videos on the shark have shown two videos that seamed plausible. The first video showed that a great white shark that had been caught and killed, but was a lot smaller then the actual megladon…show more content…
The pots were about 3 feet 6 inches and contained two to three dozen good size crayfish weighing about two several pounds. The men said it was about one hundred and fifteen to three hundred feet long. Another eyewitness saw a great white shark the size of a tractor trailer had attacked a person. Many sharks have been clocked out as fast as 1.5 miles and the mega shark could probably swim in a longer distance since this is a bigger shark. Two percent of the ocean has been overlooked by people ant it leaves ninety-eight percent of the ocean for the megladon can swim. This shark could be a very intelligent shark by possibly attacking its pray as fast as it can and head down the bottom of the big blue. The evidence has proven that there was a time this shark had lived because of the physical evidence shown by the teeth collected. The pictures clearly state that there is a mega shark out there and the eyewitnesses explained that a huge shark had been around in South Africa. There may come a time when this shark may make a mistake and show its self to the world with

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