Shark Culling Persuasive Essay

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Recently after numerous attacks, the Western Australian government stated a hunt and kill policy on any shark that is a tiger, bull or great white over the size of 4 meters. For numerous reasons this should be deemed illegal by the government and stop the culling in Western Australia. Australia is home to more diverse, unique and beautiful animals than any other place on earth, and included in these animals are the three sharks that have been focused on about in the cull in Western Australia. Ever since people have been utilising beaches for swimming and surfing, there have been shark attacks. And sadly on the flip side, ever since people have been swimming/ surfing at beaches, there have been attacks on sharks. So every year, some Australians…show more content…
~Stay close to shore (within 30m of the water’s edge). ~Don’t go in the water alone (stay in groups). ~Avoid water temperatures lower than 22C. ~Avoid water depths of greater than 5m when swimming or surfing ~Avoid swimming after heavy storms, or in low light conditions (dusk and dawn). ~Avoid swimming if there are seals, dolphins, whales or baitfish nearby. ~Getting this information across to beach swimmers could go a long way to keeping people safe. The second suggestion is to "get sharks on twitter" It might sound crazy, but this brand new initiative could just work. The newly installed Shark Monitoring System saw more than 330 sharks tagged with electronic devices set to send out a tweet whenever they swim within one kilometer of a beach. The tweet appears on the official Twitter account of Surf Life Saving Western Australia (@SLSWA). It even includes details of the shark’s size, breed and approximate location – like this: Tweet of a shark’s location Dr Rory McCauley of the WA Department of Fisheries said the battery in the device could last up to 10 years, giving researchers an unprecedented look into shark movement

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