Shark Culling Persuasive Speech

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Shark Cull POV Shark Cull POV Good afternoon everybody I’m here to talk about how shark culling is effecting the environment and how it is affecting other species in the marine life. Shark culling not only endangers other marine species, but it also targets endangered shark species and the number of sharks are continuously reducing. Netting for example is an unreliable source of culling sharks as it not only affects sharks, but also affects other species which is not healthy for the marine economy. By culling sharks they are preventing sharks from producing in numbers and increase endangered species. Not only does culling affect the sharks it also strikes the eco system of coral and reefs. Beach nets are placed in the water to protect…show more content…
If sharks were to be extinct then we would not be able to go with our families to the beach to have a fun in the waters as the water would be disgusting and not swimmable. While the numbers of large sharks have been going low it has led to the collapse of fisheries being able to go out to sea to fish as sharks play an important role of keeping the fish and coral reefs healthy. As large sharks do have an important role in the ocean, we do have to be cautious about where we swim as we could be in there territory or near predators. If you do take a shark out of there eco-system then in conclusion there will be bad consequences, because they keep their eco-system healthy and clean. For example imagine you at home doing your own thing then out of nowhere an intruder comes in and kidnaps you and while that happens there will be consequences but in the end you will end up being shot, not a good thing to think about so we should think the same about sharks. Sharks are valuable in eco-tourism, people love sharks and will pay money to go to destinations to dive with them. If the government is killing sharks and getting little of the money compared to people around the world paying to see these sharks wouldn’t the government get more money? a lot of people love sharks, don’t see the point of killing
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