Sex Offender Registration Laws

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How Safe are we with Today’s Sex Offender Registration Laws Bianca Banks ENG 215 – Research & Writing Dr. Paula Hayes November 14, 2012 Would you be ok with living next door to a sex offender and letting your daughter or son ride their bikes or walk past this sex offenders door step every day and feel comfortable with it? What if you didn’t know that your next door neighbor was a sex offender? To me, it is mind-boggling when I hear about some people fighting for these sex offenders. I just have so much to say on the subject and would like to share with, my readers, my feelings on it and why I feel the way I do, and why they should feel this way as well. You would think, something like this would be easy to write about and persuade…show more content…
But how can these laws change to better assist us? I think one change that may help is when a person is looking to move somewhere, whether rent or buy, the real estate agent, and/or landlord should be required to provide the client with a list of names of sex offenders who live in a 20-50 mile radius of where the hoe is located with the miles and addresses. Honestly, any information available would be necessary. We have a right to be able to protect ourselves, our families, our children, and society should find ways that will help us do this best. How much safer would we be if this were a part of Meghan’s law. Now in days the law only states that if the client asks for this information, they are to be provided with it. But, if this was a required piece of information just as your social security number is to rent a place or how your down payment for a mortgage is to buy a home for you and your family, it would make the lives of innocent people and their children and families much easier, and safer. It is very essential to our lives to know about the area you live in and those who surround your…show more content…
For example, in the article “Should All Convicted Sex Offenders Be Required to Register?” by Josh Farley, the sex offender here was required to register as one for the sexual/mutual relationship he had with a minor while in his 30s. Okay, the child was under 18, but he is not to blame for a sexual relationship that both parties agreed to at the time. I hate to say it, but unfortunately a lot of children make these “grown-up” decisions without understanding the consequences, and to get them out of “trouble” they blame the “other guy”, which in most cases, like this one, the “other guy” is the one who pays because of what laws state. Even though the child knew what was going on and wanted to engage in a sexual relationship with this man, the adult gets charged because the child didn’t want to take responsibility so they used the easy way out and played victim. Of course one may argue, she was 15 and didn’t know what she was doing. She still has a premature mind. That is all true, but then that is when it may be a good idea to start questioning the parenting this child gets and the environment she lives in. What led her to believe that this type of relationship was ok? I could really go on about the subject but I just want to make the point here that it really depends on

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